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*As always the weapons of the radical left are violence, death threats 
and obscenity (Editorial comment)***

  Sponsors of Anarchy

*/Michelle Malkin/*/January 18, 2017  GOPUSA/



Hoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend. Count 
on it.

I’ve covered the left’s criminal anarchist element for more than 20 
years — from the animal rights terrorists who have harassed, threatened 
and firebombed scientific researches across the U.S. and Europe to the 
anti-capitalist thugs who wreaked havoc on downtown business owners at 
the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle and the 2010 G-20 
summit in Toronto to the ANSWER Coalition and Code Pink’s 
not-so-peaceful peaceniks who disrupted congressional hearings and 
menaced veterans memorials and military recruiting stations throughout 
the George W. Bush years to the Occupy Wall Street vagrants and rapists 
of 2011-12 to the rent-a-rioters who hijacked Ferguson, Baltimore and 
other Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police.

My favorites over the years? I’ll never forget the seditious mother in 
Olympia, Washington, who tied bandanas over her kids’ faces and 
recklessly planted them in the middle of a street 10 years ago to block 
trucks carrying military shipments. She was so caught up in the 
excitement of her “direct action” that she dropped her baby on the 
ground as her anarchist compatriots threw rocks at police and soldiers 
driving around them.

Then there were the “progressive” nitwits who handcuffed themselves to 
concrete-filled barrels in January 2015 and shut down traffic in the 
Boston area (risking the lives of crash victims waiting for an ambulance 
that was blocked) to protest … something or other.

Clenched-fist troublemakers will use any mass gathering as an excuse to 
undermine civil society. Social media and the irresistible lure of 
virility have only strengthened their incentive to “FSU” (f— s— up). 
Here’s another thing you can take to the bank: “Mainstream” protesters 
on the streets of D.C. will look the other way at these lawless vandals 
who leech onto any available cause. Their common goal is not “social 
justice.” It’s destabilization and disorder.

In Oakland, California, far-left “activist” Mayor Jean Quan grovelled to 
Occupy agitators and refused to crack down as small businesses were 
destroyed and cops were attacked.

Oberlin grad Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Democratic mayor of Baltimore, 
infamously created a safe space for rioters sabotaging inner-city 

The American Civil Liberties Union has written the literal playbook for 
redefining violent protest as “free speech” and obstructing police 
planning efforts to defend cities against left-wing chaos.

Kory Flowers, a North Carolina-based law enforcement expert on domestic 
anarchists and criminal subversive groups, describes the persistent pot 
stirrers as “cause parasites.”
In 2012, at the Democratic National Convention, where international 
media coverage was assured, Flowers reported that anarchists had 
manufactured “urine-filled eggs, acid-filled Christmas ornaments, and 
water guns containing urine, all meant to be used against the law 
enforcement security forces throughout the city.”

Five years later, investigative journalist James O’Keefe exposed 
D.C.-based anarchists associated with the #DisruptJ20 (Jan. 20) movement 
on tape this week as they were plotting to invade inaugural balls with 
stink bombs, trigger sprinkler systems to force attendees out in the 
cold, chain themselves to Metro trains and hunt down city officials who 
act against them.

“If you try to close us down, we will look for your house. We will burn 
it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our 
places. We will go to war, and you will lose,” one plotter threatened.

Many of these guerrilla punks employ “Black Bloc” tactics, Flowers 
notes, wearing all-black clothes “to appear as a unified assemblage, 
giving the appearance of solidarity for the particular cause at hand,” 
which allows “virtual anonymity while conducting criminal acts as a 
group.” They may be a fringe minority, but it’s the continued tolerance 
of these vandals, looters and terrorist wannabes on the ground by 
“mainstream” community organizers and politicians that gives them cover 
— and power.

Lee Stranahan, an independent journalist and blogger who covers protest 
movements for /Breitbart/, adds: “It’s important that Americans not be 
lulled into a false sense of security
by such an oversimplification. While it’s been proven that funders like 
(billionaire George) Soros and the Democrat party have paid protest 
organizers and some protesters, groups like the violent Black Bloc 
typically aren’t motivated by money, but instead come to protests 
because of their anti-American ideology, base criminal desires and 
thrill seeking.”

Opponents of President-elect Donald Trump’s have accused him of 
“inspiring violence” and bringing out the worst in people. Wrong. The 
active and passive sponsors of left-wing political mayhem are the ones 
guilty of enabling it over the past quarter-century. Restoring peace and 
justice starts with restoring law and order. Either you’re against the 
rule of the mob or you’re with it.

Michelle Malkin is host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates” on CRTV.com. 
Her email address is writemalkin at gmail.com. To find out more about 
Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers 
and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at www.creators.com.


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