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If voting doesn't work why did Hilter make it a point to take the right to vote away from the folks who wore the shoes you pictured.?? ..... Tom

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Voting doesn't work. There's no alternative. You want me to suggest
something else that doesn't work?
Vote. That doesn't work either. Or don't vote. That also doesn't
I'm saying that they govern by our consent. And we show this consent by
You consent to Obamacare and 1000 points of light and FEMA camps and New
World Orders. You consent to the NSA and the IRS and the EPA and the drug
You consent to ever increasing taxes and unemployment and unending wars
and a welfare state.
And I don't.

What can I say to make it more plain.
I don't agree with the feral goobermint. You do. You show that you do
every 2-4 years.
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