[Rushtalk] Notice: Federal Class Action v. Boy Scouts of America

Carl Spitzer winblows at lavabit.com
Sat Jul 6 19:53:23 MDT 2013

From: Torm Howse 
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:10:22 -0400

Had the recent BSA "gay vote" been in any way actually true, lawful, and
valid, then transitioning into an alternative moral organization would
be the only realistic choice for moral families wanting and/or needing
to continue their scouting, and there have been at least ten (10)
faith-based choices available for decades now, plus also there are four
(4) new potentials working fast to build different BSA replacement

However, because this attempted "gay vote" violates express federal
laws, violates a required core basic of all Contract Law, and was itself
clearly an enormous act in both knowing and willful fraud, many might
prefer to simply join a lawsuit and fix all that.


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