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This article makes no sense.  Did they mock her?  How?

"Unfortunately the student who stood to observe this patriotic right,
returned to her seat prior to finishing the pledge and indicated that she
felt mocked and embarrassed by other students in the room via written
communication to the teacher, Mr. Charles Allman." HUH?

That was the principal. I can barely understand this.  Why did the kid
"felt mocked?  What exactly did the other kids do?  My guess is that the
girl got embarrassed at being the only one standing then went and sat
down.  Big deal. Sometime in our sophomore year., a lot of us just stood in
silence during the ritual recitation.

Way too much sound, fury and bad writing over this silly government prayer
that was written by a socialist to promote socialism.  Maricopa would be
better off concentrating on teaching English to students and employees
alike, and ignoring all this Rah Rah and PC bullshit.


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