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Thu Jul 29 02:55:29 MDT 2010

I enjoy this list and the people on it, even though we don't always agree.
A few days ago, someone posted what could have been reasonably construed as
a d34th thr3a7 against a famous person.  Yesterday, we get a huge photo of a
bottle of poison with the suggestion that "we" send it along to someone.
And why am I writing in d337? Or my approximation thereof?  Because today
Google shut my account down without explanation.  I got it back only after
giving Google my cell phone number (which it already had) for a text message
of an activation code.  As I said, I got no explanation for this and I will
soon close out this account entirely even though it will be a major pain in
the ass for me.

For those of you who remain here, I remind you once again of all the many
members who never post and just lurk.  Who are they?  We don't really know,
do we?  And even if they are just innocent lurkers, it is still the epitome
of chickenshit to post this nonsense: "If" I had the money "I would pay.."
etcetra or "Why don't WE" send along something to someone we never met but
who pisses ME off.  In the former instance, do it yourself if you don't have
the money and shut the fuck up about it.  Don't get us involved. In the
second, send the fucking bottle and shut up about it if that is what you
want to do.  Leave us out of it. And of course this is not the first time I
have warned about this; this is just the first time I have been impolite
about doing so.

To our list administrator, you are doing a fine job of keeping the list
running and I respect you for starting it, but the times have changed and
you now must become a nanny. Please start kicking people off for making
threats and blatantly racist comments.  And please send me unsubscribe
information, or kick me off this list for  saying "fuck." Three times.

Thank you

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