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Sat May 31 07:03:03 MDT 2008

Ernie Lane wrote:
> John A. Quayle wrote:
>> /*        Speaking of diesel, folks, a TV show called "Trucks!" airs 
>> weekends on Spike TV. Several seasons ago, former host, Stacey David 
>> did an episode on converting deep fryer grease into diesel fuel and 
>> it could be done for around forty-six cents per gallon! You can go 
>> here to learn more 
>> <>
>>        Stacey David made a batch to test, put the liquid into a big, 
>> ol' Dodge Ram duelie and proceeded to fry the tires, while testing it 
>> out.
> It's almost amazing how gullible the American public is on this type 
> of thing.
          /*Wanting to save money is evidence of gullibility? I don't 
> Now, I have no doubt that grease can be converted into fuel.  But can 
> you even imagine this being done on a large scale?
          /*Well, not that many folks know about this sort of thing, 
> Getting a relatively small amount of grease from each of the thousands 
> of restaurants in the country -- can you imagine the impracticality of 
> this?  
          /*Each person on this list could easily obtain enough used 
cooking oil to make one or two weeks worth of diesel fuel. What 
impracticalities do you see here, Ernie? The whole process is _VERY_ 
easy. */
> And refineries, or whatever they're called. We won't build a refinery 
> to convert crude oil to gasoline -- so we're going to build one to 
> convert grease to diesel?
          /*You don't need a refinery, actually. The whole conversion 
process can be accomplished in one's basement just by mixing an additive 
into the used oil. Here's the brief explanation of how it works. 
> Not to mention the odor involved in the process, 
          /*What odor? French fries? */
> the almost endless number of trucks hauling the grease (and if all 
> these trucks are hauling grease, what are they not doing that they're 
> doing now?).
          /*Each person can pick up their own stock of oil.

John Q.
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