.Obama's latest pastor problem

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 31 06:20:18 MDT 2008

/*Capital idea, Bill! Now, why couldn't I have come up with that solid 

John Q.
William White wrote:
> Could there be a new performance category in the offing for American 
> Idol?  I have enjoyed good preaching, especially the traditional 
> gasping kind fostered in the South, but this tripe from Pfleger is 
> more like Karoke for preachers.  His preformance must be a tryout of 
> some sort, enphasizing themes and style over substance firmly rooted 
> in the the Word.
> Bill
> */"John A. Quayle" <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET>/* wrote:
>     /*        The latest to ramble has been a Catholic priest -
>     representing _ANOTHER_ black eye for the Church! As a convert to
>     Catholicism (1974), I'm truly ashamed of this joker who dares call
>     himself a priest - a Holy man of God! My anguish is somewhat
>     assuaged by the fact that these occasional idiots (pedophiles and
>     this latest incident) represent a very small minority of the
>     Catholic faith. The bad part is that they will get all of the
>     media attention, thus giving others the wrong idea of what
>     Catholicism is all about. *//*Father Michael Pfleger ought to be
>     suspended for his blather at Obama's church. It was both
>     disgusting and totally unnecessary. At least Barack quickly
>     distanced himself from the incendiary remarks very quickly.
>     John Q.
>     */
>     Steven Laib wrote:
>>     And it looks like the pastor problem is not restricted to Wright.
>>     Everyone who gets up to speak there ends up making an ass of
>>     himself. Now they're calling Mrs. Clinton a racist, and she is
>>     married to the "first black president."
>>     Steve
>>     At 04:11 PM 5/30/2008, you wrote:
>>>     Obama can apologize all he wants, but what happened can't be
>>>     erased. The fact remains of how close his ties are to that
>>>     church and were to Reverend Wright.  His going there all these
>>>     years indicates that he does, in fact, either support those
>>>     views, or at least not oppose them . . . no matter what he says.
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