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Sat May 31 05:46:25 MDT 2008

There goes Harrelson, linking fasting with his kooky ego.  I am glad he plans a long fast.  It won't hurt him, and it may eliminate some of those hate generating toxins (dark illusions) from his body.  He has long been a walking mess.  He should fast and hang upside down for long periods.  There may be hope for him yet, but grandstanding could continue to block his progress..

"John A. Quayle" <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET> wrote:
         Didn't find Michael Moore, but did unearth some zaniness from another Bush-hater, Woody Harrelson. Here's what his latest mental difficulty involves:

He lives in a farming village in Hawaii where there are no shops and everyone uses solar power. A committed vegan, he eats mostly raw foods. He goes through a ton of weed, which may be his biggest carbon emission because his car runs on biodiesel fuel.   Now Woody Harrelson wants to take it to the next level: a forty-day fast during which he does nothing but surf all day. And probably smoke a lot of drugs.
    “I know it’s going to be really hard,” the Kingpin actor says. “But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?”
  It goes away, probably.
  Honestly, this plan is so extreme that I can’t help but respect it. And wait for the epic failure. Harrelson, I’m watching.

            A final note, someone ought to tell Woody that A) the '60s are over and B) he's really too old to still be a pothead. <sigh!> Some kids just never grow up!

John Q.

Jim wrote:   I stumbled across this site 
Their motto is "Practice what you preach or else."  They do a good job of exposing hypocrisy among famous people.   One post mentioned some guy on a British soap opera in a PETA ad while wearing a leather jacket. There ere dozens of lefties featured there, but I didn't see anyone on our side. 

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