.Obama's latest pastor problem

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Could there be a new performance category in the offing for American Idol?  I have enjoyed good preaching, especially the traditional gasping kind fostered in the South, but this tripe from Pfleger is more like Karoke for preachers.  His preformance must be a tryout of some sort, enphasizing themes and style over substance firmly rooted in the the Word.
"John A. Quayle" <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET> wrote:
          The latest to ramble has been a Catholic priest - representing ANOTHER black eye for the Church! As a convert to Catholicism (1974), I'm truly ashamed of this joker who dares call himself a priest - a Holy man of God! My anguish is somewhat assuaged by the fact that these occasional idiots (pedophiles and this latest incident) represent a very small minority of the Catholic faith. The bad part is that they will get all of the media attention, thus giving others the wrong idea of what Catholicism is all about. Father Michael Pfleger ought to be suspended for his blather at Obama's church. It was both disgusting and totally unnecessary. At least Barack quickly distanced himself from the incendiary remarks very quickly. 

John Q.

Steven Laib wrote:   And it looks like the pastor problem is not restricted to Wright. Everyone who gets up to speak there ends up making an ass of himself. Now they're calling Mrs. Clinton a racist, and she is married to the "first black president." 


At 04:11 PM 5/30/2008, you wrote: 
  Obama can apologize all he wants, but what happened can't be erased. The fact remains of how close his ties are to that church and were to Reverend Wright.  His going there all these years indicates that he does, in fact, either support those views, or at least not oppose them . . . no matter what he says. 

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