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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 30 23:47:26 MDT 2008

/*       Didn't find Michael Moore, but did unearth some zaniness from 
another Bush-hater, Woody Harrelson. Here's what his latest mental 
difficulty involves:

*/He lives in a farming village in Hawaii where there are no shops and 
everyone uses solar power. A committed vegan, he eats mostly raw foods. 
He goes through a ton of weed, which may be his biggest carbon emission 
because his car runs on biodiesel fuel.

Now Woody Harrelson wants to take it to the next level 
a forty-day fast during which he does nothing but surf all day. And 
probably smoke a lot of drugs.

    "I know it's going to be really hard," the /Kingpin/ actor says.
    "But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and
    surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?"

It goes away, probably.

Honestly, this plan is so extreme that I can't help but respect it. And 
wait for the epic failure. Harrelson, I'm watching.

          /*A final note, someone ought to tell Woody that A) the '60s 
are over and B) he's really too old to still be a pothead. <sigh!> Some 
kids just never grow up!

John Q.*/

Jim wrote:
> I stumbled across this site
> Their motto is "Practice what you preach or else."  They do a good job 
> of exposing hypocrisy among famous people.   One post mentioned some 
> guy on a British soap opera in a PETA ad while wearing a leather 
> jacket. There ere dozens of lefties featured there, but I didn't see 
> anyone on our side.
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