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This is my favorite site on the whole InterWeb:
It's full of articles and videos about new discoveries in all forms of
energy from the mundane to Tinfoil Hat territory.  The site owner posts four
new articles every day, too. Today's site covered synthetic gasoline made by
algae, and a method of compressing hydrogen atoms that releases 100 times
their chemical energy without a nuclear reaction.  Check it out.  You gotta
wonder why we are still using oil.

Willie Nelson is big on biodiesel.


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 7:26 PM, John A. Quayle <blueoval57 at>

>  *        Speaking of diesel, folks, a TV show called "Trucks!" airs
> weekends on Spike TV. Several seasons ago, former host, Stacey David did an
> episode on converting deep fryer grease into diesel fuel and it could be
> done for around forty-six cents per gallon! You can go here to learn more
> <><>
>        Stacey David made a batch to test, put the liquid into a big, ol'
> Dodge Ram duelie and proceeded to fry the tires, while testing it out.
> John Q.
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> *
> William White wrote:
> I was able to do 80-85 MPH out west in my '63 VW - no problem.  Typically,
> I got about 30 MPG in that little sunroofed bug.  I should never have sold
> it.  My wife has a new beetle, now, and she gets good mileage (about 25
> MPG) and an enjoyable driving experience on her short jaunts to town.  My
> dad drove the diesel rabbit for years and swore by it - (as a liberal, he
> probably did more swearing than was healthy but who knows:  I just read that
> phony smiles can take a toll on a person's health).
> Bill
> *Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> <tom.matiska at ATT.NET>* wrote:
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> Back in the late Eighties, Honda made a stripped down Civic and CRX that
> got over 50 mpg and Volkswagen had a similar Rabbit. With $1.00 gas, they
> both bombed of course but why can't "they" bring these back?
> JD
> When my WV was totaled in Dec '79, there was a 4 month waiting list for a
> Civic. Wanted to buy American, but my choices were the exploding Pinto or
> the "quality" of the Chevy Vega.... I waited for the Civic.... The economy
> improved in the 80's, gas prices dropped (relatively) and economy went out
> of style.
> Last year I read a review on the Civic (Motor Trend???) that called the 122
> hp car the "dog of it's class". I remembers when my old 50 hp Civic got a
> speeding ticket in Cloudcroft NM.... the cop didn't think it was a dog .
> Times have changed
> Tom
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