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Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Fri May 30 05:06:19 MDT 2008

I could not have expressed my sentiments better than Bill did! Thank 
you, John, for keeping this list going.

I joined Jim's group on Yahoo right away because I didn't want to lose 
contact with this great group of people and it looked like the listserv 
set up had tanked for good. I'm glad it didn't since it has some nice 
advantages to it that Yahoo didn't offer - and especially not having to 
wade through the ads!

It's great to know now how to access the archives that I did not know 
existed. I hope everyone who's been part of this rushtalk group will 
stay here. It's been overwhelming to me to have to wade through 
duplicate e-mails with my time constraints.

Linda, I've tried several times to subscribe to repub-l and my 
subscription never goes through (and I know how to do listserv 
subscriptions). From comments made here, it sounds like there's a lot of 
"noise" there that I can do without, so maybe it's for the best.

Even though I mainly lurk, it's great to hear from all of you who post 


You wrote:
> John, thank you for hosting this long running list.  I hope you will 
> continue to host it as it has been a valuable venue for exchanging 
> thoughts, opinions, and information and sorting truth from 
> disinformation, the RIM, and urban legend.  It is almost eighteen 
> years since I signed up for Rushtalk.   While I miss some of those who 
> have been here and moved on,  I continue to value those who have 
> stayed and those newer ones who have joined.  Surrounded, as I 
> am, by liberals (who tend to be ignorant, misguided, or 
> socialistic),  I take more than a little comfort in this electronic 
> community consisting of mostly sensible folks who love America and 
> freedom.
> The Yahoo alternative, as you know, was a creative response on the 
> part of Jim Nantz to keep posts going while difficulties at Listserv 
> were being identified and fixed.   If he agrees, perhaps. Jim can keep 
> it as a back-up in case of any problems that may come forth in the 
> future.  Plan B is always a good idea.
> You mention archives.  At the present time, how can I access those?
> Thanks for all you have done, John.  I trust others will weigh in as well.
> Bill
> */John Nebel <john.nebel at CSDCO.COM>/* wrote:
>     FYI - I've been hosting this list for free since the early 1990's
>     Listserv is something for which I pay an annual fee and there is a
>     certain
>     amount of work keeping things going. It is a thankless job and if
>     I have been
>     lax, it has been due to other priorities.
>     Someone should let me know when there is a problem, something
>     which would be
>     pretty easy for any participant to do. Complaining to a
>     non-working list is
>     unproductive.
>     If you want to move the list, it is fine with me. One issue is
>     what you want
>     done with the list archives which go back to 1995, certainly just
>     deleting them
>     is an option.
>     John Nebel
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