Moving the list

John Nebel john.nebel at CSDCO.COM
Thu May 29 10:57:51 MDT 2008


The archives are at

and one can also post from there after following a simple procedure for 
self-assigning a password.

As for listserv problems, there are two.  (1) It doesn't start properly when the 
computer is rebooted which is fortunately pretty seldom. (2) I'm allowing 
non-text posts and gigantic posts can crash listserv.  Non-text posts are a 
reasonable thing to allow and hopefully the recently set 1MB limit will 
alleviate the problem with crashing.

It is a simple matter to restart lsv and it doesn't loose posts made when it is 
down.  It is also a simple matter to let me know when it needs restarting, 
please do.


William White wrote:
> John, thank you for hosting this long running list.  I hope you will 
> continue to host it as it has been a valuable venue for exchanging 
> thoughts, opinions, and information and sorting truth from 
> disinformation, the RIM, and urban legend.  It is almost eighteen years 
> since I signed up for Rushtalk.   While I miss some of those who have 
> been here and moved on,  I continue to value those who have stayed and 
> those newer ones who have joined.  Surrounded, as I am, by liberals (who 
> tend to be ignorant, misguided, or socialistic),  I take more than a 
> little comfort in this electronic community consisting of mostly 
> sensible folks who love America and freedom.
> The Yahoo alternative, as you know, was a creative response on the part 
> of Jim Nantz to keep posts going while difficulties at Listserv were 
> being identified and fixed.   If he agrees, perhaps. Jim can keep it as 
> a back-up in case of any problems that may come forth in the future.  
> Plan B is always a good idea.
> You mention archives.  At the present time, how can I access those?
> Thanks for all you have done, John.  I trust others will weigh in as well.
> Bill
> */John Nebel <john.nebel at CSDCO.COM>/* wrote:
>     FYI - I've been hosting this list for free since the early 1990's
>     Listserv is something for which I pay an annual fee and there is a
>     certain
>     amount of work keeping things going. It is a thankless job and if I
>     have been
>     lax, it has been due to other priorities.
>     Someone should let me know when there is a problem, something which
>     would be
>     pretty easy for any participant to do. Complaining to a non-working
>     list is
>     unproductive.
>     If you want to move the list, it is fine with me. One issue is what
>     you want
>     done with the list archives which go back to 1995, certainly just
>     deleting them
>     is an option.
>     John Nebel

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