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The Turning Over of the Falsehood Rock*

Harlingen, Texas, May 24, 2008:  Oliver Wendell Homes said it best…”You never need think you can turn over any old falsehoods without a terrible squirming of the horrid little population that dwells under it.”  Well, that is just what happened this past week when Democrat Representative Maxine Waters experienced a Freudian slip  
and uttered the secret fraternity password that identifies her Party. She spoke the word all members of her party know must be hidden from every rational thinking citizen.

While addressing oil executives during a House hearing on May 22, 2008 Waters threatened to nationalize the oil industry if it failed to do something to stop the ever-escalating price of gasoline at the pumps.

In a harsh exchange with Shell Oil President John Hofmeister, the California congresswoman demanded that oil companies guarantee consumer prices will fall if drilling is allowed off U.S. shores.

The reply from Hofmeister was equally sharp.  He said, “I can guarantee to the American people, because of the inaction of the United States Congress, ever increasing prices unless the demand comes down.”

The brought about the before mentioned Freudian slip as Waters responded,  “And guess what this liberal would be about. This liberal will be about socializing …uh, um…”

It took the congresswoman a moment to recover.  She then continued, “Would be about, basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies. It was reported that the oil company executives answered that statement saying they had seen such action before…in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

The huge thing about this seemingly small stutter-speak is that Maxine Waters had used the big “S” word in public debate.  She had turned over the always hidden falsehood rock of socialism and exposed the dirty underbelly of the far left political party.

Those who promote the Democratic Party use every word possible to hide its underpinning of socialism.  They say they are the “party of the working man.”  They call themselves  “liberals”…and when the meaning of that word becomes too tainted, they become  “progressives.”  They call themselves everything but what they are…. “Socialists”!

If you are a party that wants to redistribute the income of the entire country… and if you are the party that wants to nationalize all services from welfare to health care…and if you hate all business and feel you can run it better than those who have invested their lives in its advancement…. you are a Socialist.  But, you never want to use that identification label; because you know that socialism has failed in every place it has raised its ugly head across our globe.  Of course, all socialists feel there is nothing wrong with their planned system of governance.  The only reason it failed everywhere is because…those places didn’t have good leaders.  The belief here is… in the United States Congress there are the chosen socialist leaders who will finally make everything work as planned.

So, socialism has been identified aloud in a public debate.  It has been a decades long falsehood that has finally been revealed by a  
known proponent. The rock of socialism has been turned over and has disclosed the horrid population that dwells beneath it for what it  
really believes.

Semper Fidelis
Tom Segel
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