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       Democrats (liberals) can make mthis argument simply because their 
worldview is totally upside down. Anything you can do without them 
(freedom) frightens them to death and they can't put up with it.

John Q.
Carl Spitzer wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 16:03 -0400, Ernie Lane wrote:
>> John A. Quayle wrote:
>>> *Ain't Done Nothing, Ain't Gonna Do Nothing*
>>> I am so sick and tired of watching Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck 
>>> Schumer and their confederates blame everything on the President and act 
>>> as if they are helpless to do anything about the problems this nation faces.
>>> Under Clinton a single person making $30,000 a year paid $8,400
>>> Under Bush that same person pays $4,500
>>> Under Clinton a single person making $50,000 paid $14,000
>>> Under Bush the same person pays $12,500
>>> Under Clinton a married person making $60,000 paid $16,800
>>> The same person under Bush pays $9,000
>> I've never really understood how the Democrats are able to make this as some sort of "tax breaks for the rich" deal.  Now, if I'm making $30K, I compare my $3900 tax reduction -- more money in my pocket -- to $0, not to what anyone else is getting.  But even then, a person making 67% more than me gets back even less than me. Its easy when you consider their voters are likely the same people who cant get out of jury duty.
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