CNN To Appoint Right Wing News Contributors on their Network]

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Fri May 23 09:14:40 MDT 2008

Looks like CNN is considering the bottom line in liu of the party line.

May 4, 2008
This … is CNN?
Posted May 4th, 2008 at 12:20 pm 

Remember, conservative activists are convinced that CNN is unfriendly
territory for Republicans. That is, except for all the ones the network
keeps hiring. (via TP)

        Frances Fragos Townsend will be announced tomorrow as a CNN
        contributor, joining former colleague Tony Snow. Townsend was
        assistant to the president for homeland security and counter
        terrorism and is a Yankee fan.

I’m almost surprised it’s taken this long. Townsend, Bush’s former chief
terrorism adviser, joins Tony Snow (conservative), J.C. Watts
(conservative), and William Bennett (conservative) on the news network
that conservatives believe is biased against them.

The last we heard from Townsend, she was complaining that the Bush
administration had been “crippled” because its officials are “worried
about getting subpoenaed.” (Apparently, Townsend believes that Congress
should go back to ignoring the administration’s scandalous, sometimes
criminal, behavior, so that way the president and his aides would find
it much easier to go about their business without the fear of

Indeed, Townsend has quite a history of offering insightful comments.
Last fall, Townsend defended the Bush administration’s “harsh
interrogation techniques” during an interview on CNN. She assured
Americans that the abuse of detainees stops “if someone becomes
cooperative.” (In other words, “We stop torturing when we get what we
want out of the suspect.”)

In July, Townsend appeared on NPR to talk about terrorist activities in
Iraq. When the host asked if al Qaeda had any capabilities in Iraq
before Bush launched his 2003 invasion, Townsend said, “I don’t know — I
wasn’t at that briefing.”

Around the same time, Townsend couldn’t explain why the war in Iraq had
become a boon for al Qaeda recruitment and fundraising.

And December 2006, Townsend was on CNN when she delivered one of my
favorite lines of all time. CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry noted
that, despite Bush’s promises, Osama bin Laden remains a free man. Henry
suggested that this should probably be considered a “failure” in the war
on terror. Townsend responded, “I’m not sure — it’s a success that
hasn’t occurred yet.”

Now CNN is going to pay her to offer similar insights. Great.

I’d just add that this is the latest part of a srange phenomenon of
rewarding the Bush gang in general with high-profile opportunities at
major media outlets. The Bush White House has been, for lack of a better
word, a disaster for the country. From a journalistic perspective, these
guys have been a nightmare — embracing almost comical levels of secrecy,
propaganda, and media manipulation. (Or, in Townsend’s case, just
bizarre and incomprehensible analysis.)

And yet, the moment presidential aides leave the West Wing, media
outlets jump at the chance to put them on the payroll.

Michael Gerson was picked up as a columnist for the Washington Post.

Sara Taylor, who was integrally involved in the U.S. Attorney Purge
scandal and the politicization of federal agencies, became a pundit for

Karl Rove became a Fox News “analyst,” a columnist for Newsweek, and a
columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

Tony Snow has parlayed his mendacity into a gig on CNN.

And now Frances Fragos Townsend will go from the White House to CNN, as

Why would a “liberal” media keep giving jobs to members of the Bush
gang? Because “working the refs” works.

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