Michelle Obama's mental condition

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Additionally, this woman can't seem to hide, indeed may not even be aware of, the radiating dourness of her nature that shines through to me like a trash barrel set a lite at midnight.  This glower of the heart makes such a cheery companion for her self-righteousness and smug long stares at the benighted hicks, hay seeds, hillbillies and gracelessly aging hippies who supplicate Her Majesty at the hems of her skirts. If she does ascend to her proper throne, will we be able to find a Wrong Paul apostle out there to thank for her coronation?  Or to kick squarely in the seat of the pants?


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Excellent analysis, Marilyn! Welcome back, too!
 John Q.
 Jack Leon Tomsky wrote: I've been wondering, if Michelle Obama needs professional help for her continual depressive, angry and miserable state of mind. Sounds like she is paranoid of "them" whomever "them" is and in a mentally ill mood of deep anxiety. This woman doesn't belong in the White House. She might really be in terror there of "them" having it in for them like the walls are full of "ears!" "Someone" is spying on them - out to defeat them and gosh knows what else! She'll collapse exhausted. Marilyn Tomsk 

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