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Tue May 6 21:45:19 MDT 2008

/* Breaking News--*/

          McCain again calls for "comprehensive" amnesty plan.
          Go here for details and see below:



Yesterday, John McCain re-introduced the word "comprehensive" back into his position on illegal immigration.

After spending months telling conservatives that he had "heard" them on illegal immigration, what lesson did John McCain really
learn? In his own words:

     /*  "The lesson I learned from it is we've got to have comprehensive immigration reform." --John McCain, 5/5/08*/

Of course, those are code words for "amnesty." McCain made the statement during his day-long push to cater to the Latino vote. McCain also:

/*--said we need to treat illegals in a "humane and compassionate fashion" (more codespeak for "amnesty is coming")*/

/*--stated that the "tenor of the debate" on immigration has "harmed our image" (i.e. grassroots conservatives like you and me are the bad guys, not the illegal aliens)*/

/*--announced that he will be speaking at the La Raza annual meeting in July*/

          Go here for my full analysis, as well as an excerpt from last night?s Lou Dobbs show:

+ + Action Item: Call McCain and tell him you object. Clearly, McCain is testing the waters by using "comprehensive" in his campaign address. Unless McCain gets feedback from
citizens across the nation objecting to his clear move back to his original amnesty position, we can expect to hear more amnesty talk from the G.O.P. standard-bearer in the coming months.

         Action: Call McCain and let him know you object to his re-introduction of a "comprehensive" (amnesty) into his campaign position on immigration.

McCain's D.C. Senate office: 202-224-2235
McCain for President phone number: 703-418-2008

Thanks so much for the stand you are taking!

Steve Elliott,

P.S. We are building toward a major petition delivery to Congress
demanding that the Secure Fence Act is reinstated. Right now, we
need you to fax your representatives in Congress and demand the
originally planned border fence be built. Please go here to fax
your members of Congress today:

P.P.S. Please give me your feedback on McCain's announcement
yesterday. Go here to comment on FireSociety:

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