Gun registration

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue May 6 17:54:47 MDT 2008

JD wrote:
>     What I meant is that, unless you fall into a category of persons
>     that aren't allowed firearms (convicted felons comes to mind),
>     then there is no permission implied.  You put in your paperwork
>     and the gun is registered, period.  If you want to call that
>     "permission and privilege," that's kind of dumb, but do what you want.
> I do want to call registration "permission and privilege."  Thanks for
> the permission and privilege to do that. ; )
> And I can't find that "convicted felons and others not allowed" clause
> in my copy of the Second Amendment.  Is it in the light gray type on
> the back?
Then look a little harder. The Constitution fully supports denial of any
right after due process (that means a trial for you folks in Rio Linda)
up to and including the right to life.

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