New report: global cooling thru 2015

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Tue May 6 15:34:09 MDT 2008

The latest "computer models" from global warming scientists
show that global warming will be in retreat at least until 2015.

Combined with the fact that there has been no global warming
since the peak year of 1998, even Climate Alarmist scientists
are being forced to recognize that we could be looking at
nearly a two-decade hiatus from global warming.

For the record, here's the history of global warming back to
1940 and projected through 2015:

          1940-1974 (34 years) -- global cooling
          1975-1998 (23 years) -- global warming
          1999-2015 (17 years) -- temperatures level then cool

Go here for access to a report on this new study:

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John   A., Al Gore's idea that man-made global warming has created
a "planetary emergency" is a hoax. But the overwhelming barrage
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          That's why I want you to have a special DVD that
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This is the best, concise DVD I have seen on this issue. It is
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Please request your copy -- and thanks again for taking a stand to
expose Al Gore's hoax and stop the $1.2 trillion carbon tax.


P.S. In "celebration" of Earth Day, public schools across the nation
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