Good news for Gun owners

MCSpearing yuramac at YAHOO.COM
Sat May 3 15:04:20 MDT 2008

I'm replying only because the format below seems to ascribe the quoted matter to me, which absolutely is NOT the case.  MCSpearing assuredly wrote no such thing.  Indeed my views are opposite the quoted material, which I think was in response to me.  In fact, NOTHING below was written buy me.  Nothing.  

Come on guys, lets do accreditation right around here.


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MCSpearing wrote:
> I am not sure any of those states/countries have confiscated firearms,
> or just said you can't use them.  I don't think either California nor
> New York have done that statewide.
Then you better think again.
> Of course, one thing the UK, Australia and Canada don't have is anything
> like the 2d Amendment.
That does nothing to refute my assertion that registration ALWAYS leads
to confiscation.
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