An Issue Of Sovereignty...........

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 2 08:15:05 MDT 2008

MCSpearing wrote:
> "Stupid," of course, is a value judgment in your own mind, Mr. Lane, a 
> mind that seems too keen to be drawn to gutter talk, but nevertheless 
> repeatedly chooses the language of low-lives to express yourself.  But 
> my "perception" of your mental acuity perhaps is wrong, and you really 
> can't help your occasional dip into Tourette's sewer for just the right 
> turn of phrase.  In that case, you become a problem to the rest of us on 
> this list, and as a result, you should consider taking your mouthful of 
> sewage someplace else where it may be appreciated.  I'd suggest the 
> third stall on the left.
> Additionally, your dire warnings to us dim bulbs who offend you by 
> making "such stupid posts" is beyond your pay grade.  Who do you think 
> you are?  I won't vet my messages through you or any other 
> self-appointed imprimatur before posting them here.  If I write 
> something stupid, then you are free to illustrate it as such -- if you 
> pack the skills and have the information.  If I cross the line of 
> decency, however, then the list manager has the duty to censure me or 
> remove me.  No one on this list is, or should be,  free to be indecent 
> or obscene, especially directed toward another list member, and thus 
> show ourselves to be literal thugs and guttersnipes.
> I again remind the list administrators that the one time -- ONE TIME -- 
> that I strayed from the straight and narrow on this list, you properly 
> notified me not to offend again.  That offense was simply a play on 
> words, a botched attempt to be funny, and was not directed at anyone.  
> Even still, I was wrong and you were right.  But, please, let us not 
> have double standards.  Please mind your list and enforce your rules 
> equally.
> Sorry if this is just too stupid.

It isn't.  Just run-of-the-mill stupid.

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