A False Messiah?

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Sun Aug 31 19:44:54 MDT 2008

*Author: Obama not committed to change*
/*Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 8/30/2008 4:15:00 AM*/

A /New York Times/ best-selling author says his new book refutes the 
claim that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is really 
committed to change.

David Freddoso's book is called /The Case Against Barack Obama/. The 
staff reporter for /National Review/ says despite the Illinois senator's 
commitment to change, Obama has consistently practiced throughout his 
career the "old politics" that he consistently denounces. 

"In addition to being someone who is very liberal -- and perhaps 
deceptively so in the way he describes himself -- he is also not this 
figure of hope and change that he makes himself out to be, precisely 
because of the connections that he has made, the alliances, the 
endorsements, the legislation he's passed to accommodate himself to 
Chicago's political machine," argues Freddoso. "I really just felt like 
it was not right to worship the guy the way he's being worshipped."

Freddoso labels Obama's campaign as a false messianic movement.

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