Moveon is crapping their pants

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JD wrote:
> Well, if oranges are nature and nature is God and oranges ain't 
> science, how come they teach botany at the Big U instead of in a 
> church?  Maybe God started making more cold resistant oranges grow on 
> these trees, or else he made a hotter PRA in the last few years. 
          /*I'm not saying there aren't shifts from hot to cold to hot, 
again. That is part of a normal climate cycle, which God is responsible 
for. However, to insist that we're doomed to burn up and die because 
everybody uses more than one square of toilet tissue or because we don't 
keep our thermostats at 72 in the summertime, is just utter 
ridiculousness, */
> And since some people say that if they owned hell and Texas, they 
> would rent out Texas and live in hell, where does that leave us?
          /*Renting out Texas and living in Hell? I reckon that'd be San 
Francisco, wouldn't it?

> JD
> .
> On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 6:41 PM, John A. Quayle 
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>     JD wrote:
>>     Oranges have been growing in the PRA for the last two years, and
>>     that's never happened in the lifetimes of some native Austinites
>>     who are older than I am. Oranges are science, ain't they? 
>               /*Not at all. Oranges are an act of nature, which is
>     itself, an act of God.
>     JAQ
>     */
>>     And new crop types indicates a change in climate, not just weather.
>>     JD
>>     n Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 5:15 PM, John A. Quayle
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>>         Dennis Putnam wrote:
>>>         Jose Rojas wrote:
>>>>         Forwarded by a friend.
>>>>         It is funny how some of these "facts" can be countered with "and
>>>>         Barak's experience is?"
>>>         This tactic is going to fail. Palin is more qualified than Obama. Palin has several years experience as a government executive. Obama has none. Neither have any foreign policy experience but the Dems didn't seem to mind nominating Mr. Peanut or the scum bag. Obama's only qualification is 2 years in the US Senate, most of which he spent campaigning. I
>>>         believe the congressional record shows he sat in the Senate for 123 days.
>>>         Did you notice the use of the term "global warming denier" among other intellectually dishonest labels used to denigrate those who can think critically?
>>                   /*Since the scientific evidence doesn't support the
>>         crackpot theory of "global warming", perhaps we should use
>>         the term, "reality denier" to respond to their
>>         brickbats.............
>>         John Q.
>>         */

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