Gustav is good??

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sun Aug 31 16:57:45 MDT 2008

Thomas Matiska wrote:
>> How sick are you when the destruction and loss of life from a CAT 5 
>> Hurricane is good?   The good thing about not being on the left now 
>> is that a destructive hurricane, a higher body count in Iraq, more 
>> foreclosures, more bank failures, higher gas prices, etc.....  are 
>> not "good news".... yet alone a gift from God.
> Ernie Lane wrote:
> The Democrats see this as an opportunity to (1) mess up the Republican 
> convention, and (2) show how "compassionate" they are, and how 
> heartless the Republicans are.
          /*This is gong to turn into their "Obama moment"......the one 
where in SF, he remarked that Pennsylvanians were bitter, clinging to 
their guns, bibles and religion, but rejecting those different from 
them. That remark _STILL_ chaps my buns!

John Q.
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