Moveon is crapping their pants

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sun Aug 31 16:15:52 MDT 2008

Dennis Putnam wrote:
> Jose Rojas wrote:
>> Forwarded by a friend.
>> It is funny how some of these “facts” can be countered with “and
>> Barak’s experience is?”
> This tactic is going to fail. Palin is more qualified than Obama. Palin has several years experience as a government executive. Obama has none. Neither have any foreign policy experience but the Dems didn't seem to mind nominating Mr. Peanut or the scum bag. Obama's only qualification is 2 years in the US Senate, most of which he spent campaigning. I
> believe the congressional record shows he sat in the Senate for 123 days.
> Did you notice the use of the term "global warming denier" among other intellectually dishonest labels used to denigrate those who can think critically?
          /*Since the scientific evidence doesn't support the crackpot 
theory of "global warming", perhaps we should use the term, "reality 
denier" to respond to their brickbats.............

John Q.
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