Moveon is crapping their pants

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sun Aug 31 07:25:47 MDT 2008

Jose Rojas wrote:
> Forwarded by a friend.
> It is funny how some of these “facts” can be countered with “and
> Barak’s experience is?”
This tactic is going to fail. Palin is more qualified than Obama. Palin
has several years experience as a government executive. Obama has none.
Neither have any foreign policy experience but the Dems didn't seem to
mind nominating Mr. Peanut or the scum bag. Obama's only qualification
is 2 years in the US Senate, most of which he spent campaigning. I
believe the congressional record shows he sat in the Senate for 123 days.

Did you notice the use of the term "global warming denier" among other
intellectually dishonest labels used to denigrate those who can think

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