Over 84,000 hear the anointed one!

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sat Aug 30 07:42:47 MDT 2008

Richard Whitenight wrote:
> God has provided us with his half-breed bastard son to bring us out of
> the bondage of Republican slavery. All hail the floppy ear'd magic
> Negro. Just think, we'll have the first President who can't bowl, but
> can hit a jump shot or play domino's. We'll have the first President
> who will make malt liquor and ribs his favorite meal.
> On November 4th, it will be our job to see that he never sees the Oval
> Office. Democrats are the new American Nazi Party. 

You ought to read _Liberal Fascism_ by Jonah Goldberg.  Although 
"fascism" is now identified as being right-wing, that's entirely wrong. 
  All of the fascist movements grew out of socialist parties.  Moreover, 
he shows just how fascist the Wilson and FDR administrations were.

They must be
> stopped by any means, at any cost. Barrack is not our brother's
> keeper. 

But, he says he is.  But note that his brother lives in a hut on $12 per 

He is our worst enemy. This new movement MUST be removed from
> this country. They must be removed by any means from our society.

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