Over 84,000 hear the anointed one!

William White wbbanjo at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 29 08:08:41 MDT 2008

The folksy game stuff aside, Richard, you are ringing the bell of truth, when you assess the direness of this political situation.

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From: Richard Whitenight <rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM>
Subject: Over 84,000 hear the anointed one!
Date: Friday, August 29, 2008, 2:08 AM

God has provided us with his half-breed bastard son to bring us out of
the bondage of Republican slavery. All hail the floppy ear'd magic
Negro. Just think, we'll have the first President who can't bowl, but
can hit a jump shot or play domino's. We'll have the first President
who will make malt liquor and ribs his favorite meal.

On November 4th, it will be our job to see that he never sees the Oval
Office. Democrats are the new American Nazi Party. They must be
stopped by any means, at any cost. Barrack is not our brother's
keeper. He is our worst enemy. This new movement MUST be removed from
this country. They must be removed by any means from our society.

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Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas
"God Bless America"

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