Gov Haley Barbour & ACU: Liberals Won't Like Platform

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Dear John,

*Governor Haley Barbour has joined ACU in our latest video live from the 
RNC Platform Hearings in Minneapolis.*

This video features a more in-depth issue update on the RNC platform and 
our work to push a conservative agenda into the platform.  _*This is a 
platform that liberals will not like!
ACU's Vice Chairman, Don Devine, noted in a recent speech that _a study 
showed a very high percentage of party platforms eventually become 
public law_. This platform process is critical for the future of our 
conservative agenda to protect freedom, promote liberty and economic 

*_Our new video is /only 4 minutes long/ but will tell you exactly what 
is happening at the platform hearings._ Watch it here now:_ _Gov Barbour 
& ACU Live Platform Video 
<>_._  This 
video will give you the news behind the news.*

Yesterday, we heard from some ACU members that our emails discussed 

_As David Keene has pointed out, we would not be here without you 
standing behind us in this fight._ Our emails heavily discuss the issues 
work we are doing each and every day to fight for the Conservative 
Agenda in America. An agenda which the Associated Press accurately 
reported we have been pushing for in the platform hearings.

As you will see in the previous video from the first day of Platform 
hearings, which you can watch here 
<>, Congressman 
John Shadegg and your ACU had a major impact on the Platform before it 
even hit the desks of Platform members.  That video is 2 minutes long.  
We are proud to fight for conservative values.

*We have seen the real liberal agenda and we have called on liberal 
leaders to Come Clean. We will force the liberals to come clean on their 
real energy agenda which includes nationalizing companies and increasing 
taxes instead of increasing drilling. _Their real message: paying more 
at the pump._ We will force them to come clean on their push for more 
regulation on small business. _Their real message: destroying the 
ability to create jobs in this nation._ We will force them to come clean 
on their foreign policy of retreat and "one-worldism". _Their real 
message: appeasement... just hide and hope the terrorists don't hit us 

_You cannot force the liberals to Come Clean unless we take the fight 
over our issues directly to them. We cannot do it without your help._

We will not stop in the fight for our common values. But to do so, we 
need you standing behind us. We simply cannot continue these fights 
without your continued support.

So we are not going to manufacture results, we are going to give you the 
straight talk of what is really happening in Minneapolis. We have done 
so in our latest video you can watch here 

If you will continue to stand with us in our fight for real conservative 
values, we will continue to stand with you in the fight.

*But we need your help - yes - today to keep fighting* 

Please visit this link: *SUPPORT ACU* 
<> to help 
continue the fight.

Thank you for what you do for the ACU and what you do for America.

Dennis Whitfield
Executive Vice President

P.S. President Reagan, for whom I worked, discussed the importance of 
ACU. Now, as we have seen in these platform hearings, we are needed now 
more than ever. Please continue supporting ACU here now. 
<> Thank you again.











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