John McCain -- Pro Life? What a joke!

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Talk about a need for justice.

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I have a moral obligation to do what I can, and to do nothing because I wish I can do more isn't my choice.
Age does matter.  In the late 90's we had an abortion "rights" issue (really a wrong) play out in our local courts when a 12 year old pregnant girl was taken from school and across to New York for an abortion.  Parents didn't know she was pregnant.  The lady who took her from school was the mother of the (statutory) rapist.    A non-custodial adult should not be able to take any child across state lines for any reason without parental consent, yet alone the mother of the rapist being an accessory after the fact.       N.O.W.  "won" her acquittal.
A decade later we're still talking Roe and doing nothing on a battle that can and should be won.
The choice is to do what we can, or just  talk about what we can't do.    Roe is a "can't do" issue.
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