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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Mon Aug 25 12:11:50 MDT 2008

John A. Quayle wrote:
>>>> /*       /*Somewhere along the way, the Republican Party was 
>>>> branded "the white man's party" and unfairly, too. It's frustrating 
>>>> to me that very little effort has been expended to rectify this 
>>>> obvious wrong. */
>>>> .
Ernie Lane wrote:
>>> And the Republicans should make more of a point that the Democrats 
>>> were behind the Jim Crow laws, fought (filibustered!) the Civil 
>>> Rights Act, were the Party of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, etc.
John A. Quayle wrote:
>> /*          /*And still are.....................! They've managed to 
>> spin history to their advantage by championing "affirmative action." 
>> But, it's nothing, but "hokus-pokus." Affirmative action hurts the 
>> black community, rather than helps them. We should all call the RNC 
>> and demand that they get off their lazy duffs and put a "truth 
>> campaign" together. Black America is far more conservative than we've 
>> been led to believe. */
> Ernie Lane wrote:
> It's almost unbelievable that blacks vote for the Democrats, almost 
> unanimously, like they do, when you look at what "affirmative action" 
> and other programs have done to the black family, especially in the 
> cities.  It's really tragic, when you get down to it.
          /*The Republican Party has done nothing to rectify this mass 
exodus of black voters, either. We're not completely blameless here.

John Q.
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