Upcoming movie hit

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sat Aug 23 07:33:21 MDT 2008

Steven Laib wrote:
> This afternoon I've been listening to an interview about the pending 
> release of An American Carol.
> It is a conservative spoof on modern liberals, produced by the folks who 
> did Airplane.  It sounds hilarious.  I was already laughing, and it was 
> only because they were talking about some of the spoofs.  For example, 
> the main character is Michael Malone, a film producer who is heavy, 
> sloppy, and wears a baseball cap who is visited by the ghost of JFK who 
> tells him he has got it wrong.  He is then visited by the spirits of 
> George Washington, George Patton and the Angel of Death.  Among other 
> items are a political fund raising group called Moove Along.org.
> It sounds like a real winner.

It'll be iinteresting to see how it does in comparison to movies that 
had the political slant of _Redacted_ and so forth.

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