Stephanie Tubbs Jones

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Are you possibly thinking of Congresscritter Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, (D) Texas?

When the Mars rover was sending back it's first historic pics, she became infamous for asking NASA haw far it was from the flag Armstrong planted on the moon and wondered aloud if it could motor over there and take pictures of it.


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> John A. Quayle wrote: 
> > Jim wrote: 
> >> Today I heard that Stephanie Tubbs Jones died. I've heard the name 
> >> before, and I believe I've seen her picture before but I can't 
> >> remember where. Is she the one who asked the people at NASA where the 
> >> astronauts put the flag when they landed there? 
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> > Jim............ 
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> > John Q. 
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> If she's not the one I'm thinking of, who was it? 
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