Fwd: Tyson Foods Reinstates Labor Day!

Carl Spitzer WinBlows at LAVABIT.COM
Wed Aug 20 09:00:45 MDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-08-10 at 19:17 -0400, Ernie Lane wrote:
> Steven Laib wrote:
> > Not necessarily.  From my perspective, Islam is a subversive political 
> > sect that intends to infiltrate this nation and take over by violence.  
> > As such, it should not be permitted to exist.  (Yes, I might be called 
> > an extremist on this.)
> > 
> > And, as for those people who say that they are Muslims but don't stand 
> > for violence or subversion of our society, I submit that they are not 
> > Muslims, therefore they have no reason to observe such "holidays".
> Further on this:  we hear so much how the Islamofascists, or whatever 
> you want to call them, have "hijacked" Islam.  I would maintain that the 
> ones we call "Muslim extremists" are, in fact, the Muslim mainstream, 
> and it's those that we call "mainstream Muslims" that are on the fringe. 
>   That is, the so-called peace-loving religion of Islam doesn't really 
> exist, except on the fringes.  The Islam of terrorism, world domination, 
> intolerance, and Sharia law is the mainstream.

I think its because Bush is a fool that we hear so much BS in favor of
Islam.  If Bush were telling the truth or helping Pastor Hagee and
others promote the truth about Islam we might not be getting such a load
of hog wash with our daily news.  As Hagee explains your right the thugs
are the true believers.  Before seeing those sermons I too thought the
thugs were just the ME equivalent of KKK.


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