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Mon Aug 18 16:13:02 MDT 2008

John A. Quayle wrote:
>        /*By getting jumpin' ugly with my elected reps over recovery of
> *//*domestic *//*c*//*rude!!! We have so much crude oil that we
> haven't tapped into yet, it coming out of our ears. There was a recent
> strike in North Dakota and Montana - it's called the*/ Bakken
> Formation  - apparently contains 503 billion barrels of light crude.
> It's the largest strike in American history, according to the
> /**/*/United States Geological Survey (USGS). The company that owns
> the drilling rights is /**/*Western Standard Energy.*/ **/Google it
> for yourselves! Couple that with the oil on the north slope of Alaska,
> and the shale oil in several states in the west, we can thumb our
> noses at Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico,Venezuela, and everybody else!
> John Q.
> /*
The US could be a net oil exporter *IF* we properly developed and
exploited all of our resources. Plus who know how much is currently
unknown. Forgetting about oil, we have 200 years worth of just coal. No
nukes, no solar, no gas, no wind and no fossil. that would leave more
then 300 years worth of fossil fuels for vehicles. I am willing to bet
the reset of my salary for the rest of my life that we can develop
alternative fuels in that time.

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