Real Chutzpah!

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Mon Aug 18 15:11:16 MDT 2008

Jim wrote:
> Ernie Lane wrote:
>> Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>>> whether or not there was sexual harassment, this figure is 
>>>> ridiclous.  Even with loser pays, you should only be able to sue for 
>>>> actual damages -- and I'm not sure there are even any here.
>>> Unfortunately there is that little snag called "punitive damages" - 
>>> which insurance does not cover.
>> Nor should it.  And if you get punitive damages that you can't 
>> collect, tough.  People without insurance are sued all the time, and 
>> even actual damages aren't collected.
>> Besides loser pays, the plaintiff should only be able to collect 
>> actual damages.  Any punitive damages -- if the jury wants to send a 
>> 'message' or whatever -- should go to the government in whose court 
>> the suit appears.  I simply don't think anyone should reap a windfall 
>> from this sort of thing.
> I agree with you except for the idea of giving the money to the 
> government.  The bloodsucking parasites in congress and the Arizona 
> state legislature already get too much money.  Let the court keep what 
> it costs the court to conduct the trial: Salary for the judge and other 
> court staff, light bill, upkeep on the courthouse, etc.  The rest should 
> go to charity.  Don't let the parasites in Phoenix and Washington make a 
> profit.

If there was a logical way to determine which charities, I would have no 
problem with that.  As to the punitive damages going to the government, 
you know, all money that goes to the government should go to things that 
benefit the whole, such as "promote the common welfare."  If it doesn't, 
eg., there is waste, fraud and abuse, that's another issue.  If there 
are parasites, it's up to us to remove them.  Even in this election 
year:  I'll go out on a limb here and predict that at least 80% of the 
House will be reelected.

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