Are you enjoying the fake Olympics?

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Richard Whitenight wrote:
> Mike Adams is a REAL asshole.
          /*Maybe so, but I think he _NAILED_ this one, with the 
exception of the Michael Phelps fake food thing. Oh yeah, let's make 
sure everybody knows that this Adams is _NOT_ Dr. Mike Adams, who 
teaches at University of North Carolina. That Mike Adams is a _GENIUS_!!!

John Q.
> On 8/17/08, John A. Quayle <blueoval57 at> wrote:
>> /*Are you enjoying watching the fake Olympics?*/
>> (NaturalNews) Are you enjoying watching the fake Olympics? By "fake," of
>> course, I'm referring to all the fabrications that have emerged since
>> the opening of the event. Each day, it seems, brings news of yet another
>> fabrication by China. Here's a short list of the fabrications that have
>> been discovered so far:
>> . *The weather is fake:* Beijing is usually a smog pit with air so
>> polluted that city-dwellers there almost never see the sun. To
>> artificially clean up the air and create the image that Beijing is a
>> clean city (it isn't), Chinese officials ordered the shutting down of
>> virtually all manufacturing plants, coal-fired power plants, and
>> automobiles. They've basically shut down Beijing to create the
>> impression that it's a clean city, and when there's still smog, they
>> just call it, "mist." (Tony Snow couldn't have spun it better, huh?)
>> . *The free speech is fake:* All the freedom protestors who might have
>> spoken out against China during the Olympics have been arrested and
>> imprisoned, thereby creating the impression that there is no public
>> dissent in China. (Need a kidney, anyone? Organs are suddenly available...)
>> . *The opening ceremony was faked:* The fireworks displayed during the
>> opening ceremony were faked using pre-programmed computer generated
>> images. Instead of watching live fireworks, viewers around the world
>> were actually watching 3D computer animation.
>> . *The Internet access is censored:* Reporters from around the world
>> have all had their internet access censored by Chinese authorities,
>> restricting them from accessing websites that might be "dangerous" (like
>> sites on religion or meditation).
>> . *The singing was lip-synced by a pretty girl to replace an ugly girl:*
>> It turns out the beautiful voice singing the opening song of the
>> ceremony did not belong to the face of the girl who was lip-syncing it.
>> The actual singer, it turns out, was a bit too ugly to represent China,
>> so they faked it and replaced the girl's face with a cuter-looking girl
>> who lip-synced the whole performance. Millie Vanilli, anyone?
>> . *Swimmer Michael Phelps' food is fake:* Consuming a whopping 12,000
>> calories a day, Michael Phelps is a junk food junkie powered by empty
>> calories. While you can get away with that when you're 23 and exercising
>> six hours a day, if Phelps continues his ingestion of fake food beyond
>> his peak training years, he'll soon have REAL diabetes and obesity. Fat
>> makes you float, by the way, so it might actually provide real buoyancy
>> to his swimming career...
>> . *The ages and passports are faked:* The Chinese gymnastics team won
>> gold, helped in part by a tiny gymnast who, according to China's own
>> media, was 13 years old just nine months ago. Amazingly, she is now 16
>> years old, which just happens to be the minimum age to compete in the
>> Olympics. This astonishing acceleration of aging is, of course, fully
>> denied by Chinese authorities who provided forged passports for the girl
>> to "prove" she was really 16. The IOC apparently has no interest in
>> investigating this apparent fraud.
>> So I hope you're enjoying the fake Olympics. Most of the athletes are
>> real, of course. Their remarkable feats of human artistry, strength,
>> endurance and athleticism are real, but the whole show surrounding it is
>> fake, fake, fake! It's all a fabricated show to keep the world occupied
>> while your money, your health and your future is stolen from you by the
>> criminal institutions of the world (governments, corporations, etc.),
>> many of which are actually sponsoring the Olympics.
>> Much in America is fabricated, too...Now, just in case you think China
>> is the only country engaged in fakery, let me remind you that the United
>> States is just as fake, but in different ways. In the U.S.:
>> . The war on terrorism is fake: It was all fabricated to keep the
>> population in a state of fear so they wouldn't notice their freedoms
>> being stolen away.
>> . The mainstream media is fake: The news is largely fabricated or
>> selectively edited to brainwash American consumers into thinking they
>> live in a free country. Corporate press releases are run as "news" and
>> any real news that threatens big advertisers is routinely censored.
>> . The money supply is fake: The U.S. is running on monetary fumes,
>> borrowing trillions from countries like China that actually have REAL
>> money, all while claiming the national debt doesn't matter anymore. (It
>> does.)
>> . The housing bubble was fake: As publicly predicted here on NaturalNews
>> nearly two years ago, the housing bubble was fake, creating false wealth
>> that created the impression that the economy was doing well. The whole
>> thing was a charade, of course, and now housing values are plummeting
>> and consumer spending is in a tailspin.
>> . Health care is fake: There's no "health" in health care, and the
>> entire disease industry in the United States is based on keeping people
>> sick, ignorant and bankrupt.
>> . The corporate green movement is fake: Corporations love to act like
>> they're really "green" even as they continue polluting the planet.
>> . Even the breasts are fake! The U.S. is the plastic surgery capital of
>> the world, where moms are now giving their teenage daughters breast
>> augmentation surgery as a high school graduation present.
>> It's quite fitting, then, that American viewers who live in a fabricated
>> American reality can watch the fake Olympics by tuning into a fake
>> television network where they can watch a fake opening ceremony that
>> celebrates competition among fraudulent Olympics participants who
>> compete for the only thing that's still real in this global economy: GOLD!
>> /*About the author:* Mike Adams is an independent journalist ./

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