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Ernie, go back and read your own posts.    Your tone of disapproval re> my "personal choice" of Smart car differs from my response in which way????     Our posts are just opposite sides of the same coin.   

I did think you were being a bit "anal"(and you may think likewise), but hurt feelings aside, the exchange of personal opinions, as well as Steve  "butting in" on that exchange doesn't really bother me..... in fact I sort of expect it on talk group.... if not , what are we doing here???  


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> Thomas Matiska wrote: 
> > Dependence on imported oil is very much my business. In case you 
> > haven't noticed it effects the well being of our economy, and the 
> > dollars we export threaten our national security. If that isn't 
> > everyone's business what is???? 
> It is, on a national or large-scale business. But he's right about your 
> butting in on what he does _personally_. 
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> > 
> >> 
> >> We import a little more than half our oil, and I've just cut my 
> >> share.... how are you cutting yours? 
> > 
> > 
> > I'm inflating my tires. I've realized it takes just too much darned 
> > gas when I drive with the tires flat. Obama was absolutely right. 
> > And my neighbor told me it would also cut down on my tire budget. 
> > How much of our rubber do we import? 
> > 
> > How my wife and I use oil is, quite frankly, none of your business. 
> > And how we personally chose to deal with or help with the present 
> > situation falls into exactly the same category. 
> > 
> > But we'll sleep better knowing you're doing what you have decided to 
> > be your fair share, and knowing that your arms are indeed long 
> > enough to pat yourself vigorously on the back for it. 
> > 
> > 
> > Stephen A. Frye 
> > s.frye at 
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