The Smart Car

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Sun Aug 17 10:33:34 MDT 2008

71 hp for 1800 lbs allows for passing uphill.  Acceleration is limited mostly by the tranny being programmed to upshift a little earlier than some like.  If you long for the good old days of manual shifting, move the shift lever lever to the left(right is auto) and  you can bump it up or down manually.  The few hundred extra rpm gets the engine up where it preforms, and the loss of mpg is modest.   Electronic engine controls limit the U.S. model to 90 mph, but getting to 90 is no problem.  

Some of the rap the Smart gets on performance is from folks familiar with the non-U.S. spec Smarts of recent years.  I believe they were governed at 80, and had trouble getting there with their 48(?) hp engines. 


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