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      Parents Sue Philadelphia for Letting Them Kill Their Child

The abdication of individual responsibility, along with the chutzpah and 
greed that drive our legal system to ever new extremes of absurdity, may 
have reached a climax in Philadelphia, where parents have filed a suit 
against the city for letting them kill their child 

    After allegedly starving their disabled daughter to death, the
    parents of Danieal Kelly turned around and sued the city for failing
    to protect the girl from them.

    Andrea and Daniel Kelly, with the help of some greedy attorneys,
    filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, state and outside
    social service contractors who were charged with supervising Danieal
    while she was under her mother's care.

    The suit was filed a day after the couple was charged in the death
    of Danieal, 14, who weighed just 42 pounds when her bedsore-ridden
    and maggot-infested corpse was found in a squalid West Philadelphia
    rowhouse, where she lived with her mother and siblings.

When it occurred to them that they had pushed the envelope right over 
the edge, the ambulance chasers behind this stunt readjusted their tactics:

    Perhaps realizing their public-relations blunder, the lawyers
    quickly dropped the parents from the suit and named a trustee. If
    any damages are recovered, the lawyers now say, the money would go
    to Danieal's nine siblings, most of whom are in foster care ? minus
    a one-third cut or so to the lawyers, of course.

What jury will say no to a bunch of sobbing orphans? Some Philadelphia 
shysters will soon be driving new Maybachs, courtesy of taxpayers.

Trial lawyers awaiting a tragedy.

On a tip from Bill V.

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