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I missed something a while back.... can someone clue me in on what we are wishing John good luck for?

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My best friend is exactly the same age as I am, and we have known each other since we were 12.  He gets on my case because I run - and that's going to give me a heart attack, and I water ski - that's going to break bones, etc.  I refuse to submit.  I am going to enjoy everything I can until I simply cannot.  My attitude is that old age is going to have to overcome me by force, I will not simply sit back and give in.  (I'll be 57 this month).

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You're still just a kid!
          Life comes at you fast, Stephen.............ever hear that one?               :-P  
I suddenly woke up one morning and found that when I wasn't paying attention, I crossed over the indelible age 50 dividing line.............


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       Listen, when I was still doing radio (about 13 years ago), I used to tell listeners that I was SO old that the only way to find out exactly how old was to saw me in half and count the rings. FWIW, I was a "rickety" 37 years old when I did my last broadcast on Memorial Day, 1995. Thanx for the wishes, Richard!

John Q.

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