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Bernard Willis f16rsdad at JUNO.COM
Sat Aug 9 14:26:20 MDT 2008

How would the MMagicNegro handle this?


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I suppose that you knoow that this Russia-Georgia thing could easily
suck us in, NATO in, and result in an outright shooting war. Not just
the brush war that's going on now... a REAL war.

And if Russia is NOT stopped, and stopped hard, it will soon be the
USSR again... on steroids, with lots of oil money.

It's been demonstrated that in straight up conventional war, our
conventional forces will shred Russian tanks and decimate supporting
troops. But we're all strung out, and depleted, from our neocon
disasters in Iraq and Afghan. We have dissipated ourselves... so we
are likely impotent spectators in this. And if Dubya, the benighted
sod, does try to 'do something', it will almost certainly be too
little, too late.

This is precisely the opportunity Russia has been carefully
engineering for years. And now, payback is going to be a bitch.


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