Fwd: Tyson Foods Reinstates Labor Day!

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sat Aug 9 14:15:59 MDT 2008

Stephen A. Frye wrote:
> I can oppose it simply because I don't like it.  Doesn't imply,
> however, that I have a leg to stand on.
> As a matter of fact, we just went through that at work.  For 40 or so
> years our company has given employees the days between Christmas and
> New years as paid holidays.  They do not give President's Day,
> Veteran's day, etc.  Recently a poll was taken and the company decided
> to NOT give the days between Christmas and New Years and go with the
> more traditional holidays.  I opposed that.  The basis?  I didn't like
> it.  But I also realized that didn't matter.  The company, in my
> opinion, got wise and gave five days as personal days.  We can take
> them whenever we want.  I find that a very amicable solution.
Assume for the moment the poll went the other way so you liked it. Then
assume a bunch of Rushtalkers who didn't work for the company opposed it
and applied pressure on the company and the company overrode the poll.
Would you consider that reasonable or would you agree with me that the
Rushtalkers and the rest of the world should butt out?

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