Fwd: Tyson Foods Reinstates Labor Day!

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Sat Aug 9 13:59:53 MDT 2008

At 10:04 AM 8/9/2008, you wrote:
>Steven Laib wrote:
> > Bingo Steve (Frye),
> >
> > Let them use a personal or floating holiday.  But let's not take a
> > national legal holiday off the calendar.
> >
> > Steve Laib
> >
>No one took it off the calendar. My Labor Day off was not effected, nor
>was anyone else's that didn't want it. I must be missing something here
>but I just do get the opposition to the will of the majority when no
>one's rights are at stake.

Just because the majority wants something doesn't make it 
right.  That's why our government is a republic.  Majority rule can 
quickly slide down the slippery slope into mob rule.  As far as the 
holiday - we're free to find different jobs if we don't like company 
policy.  I know that.  On the other hand, I find myself becoming very 
frustrated at the slow but steady , osmotic penetration of 
Islamic/Muslim practices into our own culture and society.  In 
England, hospitals rearranged wards so that beds faced the right 
directions for Muslims.  Now we see an American company eliminating a 
traditionally American holiday in favor of a foreign, religious 
one.  I see this, too, as a slippery slope.

Again, if workers don't like company policy, then the workers are 
free to leave.  No argument there.  But that is often quite 
impractical.  I didn't like the first change our company made to the 
time-off policy, but I wasn't about to leave.  So, I decided to stay 
and just pi$$ and moan.  Then they changed it again to personal time 
off, and I was very satisfied.  I am sure there are some who aren't, 
and they are free to continue to pi$$ and moan.

But in the end, I am extremely hesitant to simply jump on the "well, 
it's what the majority wants" band wagon.

Stephen A. Frye
s.frye at verizon.net 

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