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>Labor Day Reinstated At Tyson Foods!!
>Your Calls and Emails Made a Difference!
>Dear Steven,
>Chalk up another victory for people power.
>When we sent you the email informing you of the 
>Tyson Foods union agreement replacing Labor Day 
>with Eid al-Fitr, so many of you contacted the 
>company that we were told Tyson stopped 
>answering customer service calls, diverting them to voice mail.
>Thank you for taking action !!
>Now this morning Tyson Foods has announced that 
>it went back to the union and reached a new 
>agreement that reinstates Labor Day. Clearly, 
>the grassroots pressure and negative publicity 
>“encouraged” Tyson Foods to do the right thing. 
>Just as many of you told us you would no longer 
>buy Tyson Foods because of the original 
>agreement, let’s now reward Tyson Foods for 
>taking this action by buying their products.
>And remember this – other companies are watching what just happened.
>This is just one more example of how informed 
>and organized grassroots action can make a 
>difference. It’s just one more example of why 
>the mission of ACT! for America is absolutely 
>essential to the long-term objective of stopping the spread of radical Islam.
>    * When you forward our emails to others, you 
> are helping us stop radical Islam.
>    * When you 
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> you are helping us stop radical Islam.
>    * When you direct people to our website or 
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> up for a “Leadership in Action” training 
> conference, you are helping us stop radical Islam.
>People power works. Just imagine how much impact 
>we will have when we have ten, twenty even 
>thirty times the number of members we have now! 
>support will make that a reality.
>Labor Day Reinstated as Paid Holiday at Shelbyville, TN, Plant
>Tyson Foods Requested Change from Union
>Springdale, Arkansas – August 8, 2008 - Tyson 
>Foods, Inc. announced today it has reached a new 
>agreement with the Retail, Wholesale and 
>Department Store Union (RWDSU), an American 
>union, reinstating Labor Day as one of the 
>designated paid holidays under the contract for 
>covered employees in the Shelbyville, Tennessee, plant.
>Tyson made this request on behalf of its 
>Shelbyville plant employees, some of whom had 
>expressed concern about the new contract 
>provisions relative to paid holidays. In an 
>effort to be responsive, Tyson asked the union 
>to reopen the contract to address the holiday 
>issue, and the union agreed to do so. The union 
>membership voted overwhelmingly Thursday to 
>reinstate Labor Day as one of the plant’s paid 
>holidays, while keeping Eid al-Fitr as an 
>additional paid holiday for this year only. This 
>means that in 2008 only, Shelbyville employees will have nine paid holidays.
>For the remainder of the five-year contract 
>period, the eight paid holidays will include: 
>New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial 
>Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving 
>Day, Christmas Day and a Personal Holiday, which 
>could either be the employee’s birthday, Eid 
>al-Fitr or another day requested and approved by their supervisor.
>This issue concerns only the plant at 
>Shelbyville, Tennessee. Labor Day has always 
>been celebrated, and continues to be, at the 
>other 118 Tyson plants across the country.
>The Shelbyville complex employs approximately 
>1,200 people. Approximately 1,000 workers are 
>covered by the RWDSU union agreement at that location.
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