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Wasn't Tropical Storm Euodard the first tropical storm to cross our
border in the trunk of a '67 Chevy?

On 8/6/08, Ernie Lane <ernielane at> wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> I gathered as much from watching the news this morning.
> As much as anything, this speaks to the "everything's a crisis"
> mentality of the media.  I think that, also, the media wanted to be able
> to say this was due to global warming.
>> Steven Laib wrote:
>>> Reports that Eduoard is battering Texas are vastly overblown.
>>> As Lyndon Joslin reported on KNTH, the storm is something of a wuss,
>>> making the French name apropos.  Meanwhile, he suggests that if this
>>> storm is emblematic of Algore's apocalypse, we should all bring our
>>> surfboards.
>>> Steve

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