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Ernie Lane wrote:
> Carl Spitzer wrote:
>> Great song most appropriate.
> Some guys on this list seem to have some sort of ingrained inability to 
> provide a link, or in this case, anything.  What the heck is your problem?

If a post's subject line includes "Re:" that means it's a reply to 
something.  Look at the original post if the reply doesn't include the 
information you're looking for.

People often trim these reply posts because they get long.  The 
following is an example.  I only edited the private email addresses of 
those involved.

I don't know of any realistic plan.


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Similar yeah but not identical ;-) What plans to put Caroline on AM??????

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This text is very similar to one of the postings on the musicradio of 
fobl, I forgot which one :-)
This might serve as a reminder that plans to put Caroline on AM must 
remain plans...


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It was inevitable. Their buisness model was unsustainable.Despite 
presenters putting a brave face on things, with the developments over 
the past few days I can't see Big L coming back to AM. I get the message 
from the music alone (Yes - Survival etc). If it can't afford to pay the 
presenters - it certainly can't afford an AM transmitter beamed AWAY 
from the UK. I would think Sky will be next. Which leaves it as one of 
tens of thousands of internet stations, all trying to be different. On 
AM it WAS different, on the internet it WILL NOT be different.

So what will you all be listening to when mobile? Magic, Smooth, BBC R2. 
Probably a bit of all of these for me plus a bit of R4. Will still catch 
Big L on tinternet, but it's not going to be the same.

Finally, although I think the station has been great, I think it would 
have been nice to have been told on the website and the forum 
announcements of the impending withdrawal of the AM service. I know we 
live in a "me first" kinda society.... but loyal AM listeners at least 
deserve this
Caroline continues.

On 02/08/2008 15:35:52, Peter Punchard (nobody at nobody.co.uk) wrote:
 > Big L has closed down 1395 One suggestion is; this is a result of the 
 > of diesel
 > Peter
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 > alex dijkstra wrote:
 > : Added benefit could be that power could be supplied from the mains,
 > : saving on fuel prizes.
 > : But
 > I'm sure everyone involved has been looking for a nice berth for
 > : some time now.
 > The free international waters of the North Sea is where the MV Ross
 > Revenge really should be, not languishing forgotten in a dock.
 > Yes, diesel is currently ridiculously expensive but surely a few wind
 > turbines/solar panels onboard would help with that. Maybe tidal power
 > could be used to generate electricity too?
 > They could also legally grow hemp/marijuana on the deck to make
 > biodiesel and the DJ's
 > could get nicely stoned as a bonus!
 > The last bit was of course a joke, I'm sure no Caroline DJ's would ever
 > inhale.

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