Rule Britannia!

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A close friend of mine from Britain asked me my opinion of what has be going on near and in Iran.  My letter to her follows:

Dear Eleanor,

October 21st of 1805 witnessed Britain's finest hour at sea.  Vice Admirals Nelson and Collingwood aggressively threw caution to the wind and double-crossed the "T" for the French and Spanish near the cape at Cadiz, Spain named Trafalgar, an Arabic word meaning "Point of the Cave."  Nelson achieved his desire for a general melee, and though out-gunned, out-numbered and out-manned, he and his seamen out-fought and routed the combined fleet.  Nelson, though slain by an errant musket ball, delivered England and the world from a megalomaniac, hell-bent on world dominion.  Freedom rang from the hills.  Rule Britannia!

Oh, for the days of British might and mane!  Today, sadly, we watch a ragtag nation of monstrous beliefs and worse designs, lead by a secular pipsqueak with rat-eyes and a band of Islamic lunatics capture Britannia's brave sailors.  Before our weary eyes, scruffy-faced, uncivilized mullahs of Persia impose adherence to their degrading religious rigors (the towel over the sailor-girl's head) as a covenant to stay alive.  We stare Mesmerized as these buffoons shred Geneva Conventions and parade kidnapped Britons like livestock before cameras.  The humiliation of the nation whose people "never, never never shall be slaves" proceeds unabated. The world gawks, ponders sports scores, and looks away. Britain's hostage sailors pronounce at the points of bayonets their righteous nation wrong.  The eerie imams' screeching voices rise in sanctimonious high dudgeon to demand admissions of guilt from Britain as they slyly smile, gorging up to spit in the face of civilized men and women

Meanwhile, the Western world muses over the niceties of political correctness, ignoring hard-learned lessons of the past -- the recent past and the distant -- that tyranny's appetites cannot be sated by good-intentioned sissies, lacking the will and the means to smack animal nations hard on the snout, and, if needed, to slaughter them before being slaughtered. 

The question is not whether Arsenal can win, not whether the Yankees will prevail, not who will take Wimbledon, nor who will be the heavyweight champion.  The question is not which ale is best, not which pub is better, not whose shoes are elegant, nor which car lends the most panache. The question is of life and death; the question is will the West wake up in time to staunch the immigration invasion and subversion of their countries?  Will it rouse from it's feel-good languor in time to save itself?  

If not, then Nelson's effigy atop the pillar, sleeve still pinioned, shall shed sea-salty tears, even from the ravaged eye, wounded this time by the bitter, bitter, bitter irony: 

The nations, not so blest as thee,
Must in their turn, to tyrants fall,
Must in ,must in, must in their turn, to tyrants fall, 
While thou shalt flourish, shalt flourish great and free, 
The dread and envy of them all.

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.



Liberals ... Losing Another War for America.
                                                        -- Me
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