Wimpy Brits

Tue Mar 27 12:49:20 MDT 2007

Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
> *John,*
> ** 
> *After Iran commits an act of war against England*
> *we find that Tony Blair is long on rhetoric and*
> *short on action.*
> ** 
> *   The British sailors and Marines seized by Iran*
> *had better have a seat and watch Tony do the *
> *"hostage dance" with that mad man Mahmoud*
> *Ahmadinejad and company. All Mahmoud will *
> *have to do **is to wait for Tony to bend over and *
> *imitate **Neville Chamberlain.*

They don't have to wait.  Tony already bent over and lubed up for Mahmoud.


"That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery"
Sidney "Pa" Larkin

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